How do i fix ssl connection error on android

In order to ease your job and help you fix the problem, we made the notes as how you can fix the issue. Here are the steps to fix the SSL connection on your android. Read on :. There might be many reasons of occurring SSL connection Errors on your android or any devices. The below are some of the reasons and clearly explained how to fix SSL connection Errors. Go trough this article to find the issue and fix the connection problem. You would have noticed the change in time and date sometimesif you move to a new city or another country.

It is quite common. Now, you have to make sure that this specification is correct on your device as the bugs can change the settings of time and date.

how do i fix ssl connection error on android

At first, debug the internet connection on your device. We say, try another connection and if works, reset the settings and then try to open to a new page. Now, note that if it works, the bug is in router wi-fi connection or android wi0fi setting. If the above mentioned one fails, then reset the Network data by going to Backup and reset.

Now, you will be notified with a pop up. Note that the security apps and antivirus can also be the cause of the issue. In this regard, disable the same and then start using it again. The SSL problem also pops up if you are using a public wi-fi connection. In this case, we suggest you to try your own network.

Then, tap — wif-fi and click more. At times, you can also clear the SSL issue by clearing the caches and browsing history. In case of Chrome, go to the Settings and clear the browsing data which is under the Advanced. Just select Privacy. In case of Firefox, go to History panel and tap on — Clear browsing history that is at the bottom of the History. Just hit the option — OK to confirm the same. If all the above mentioned methods fail to fix the SSL issue then this restoring the system of android is the only left over option for the user.First a little background.

With an SSL Certificate, however, that communication is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the website itself. Now, one last little bit of information for the sake of clarity. SSL is really only the colloquial term for the protocol at this point.

When you get an SSL Certificate error message on your Android phone there are several ways you can go about fixing the issue.

how do i fix ssl connection error on android

This is a simple fix that may solve this Android error for you immediately. Just make sure your date and time are correct. This is another simple process. You may be on public WiFi which is notoriously unsecure. Find a private WiFi connection and see if the Android error is fixed.

How To Fix SSL Connection Error On Android Devices

If you have installed an antivirus or security application on your Android phone, try temporarily disabling it and then start browsing again. Sometimes these apps can interfere with your browser in a way that causes the SSL connection to fail. This is the nuclear option, but if all of the other aforementioned suggestions have failed to solve the SSL Certificate error, you may have to reset your device.

The first step in this case is to back up your phone, lest you lose all of the things you have stored on it. Note: Re-Hashed is a regular weekend feature at Hashed Out where we select an older post to revisit. I only get SSL connection error when I try to use meetup-I had no problem for two years, then suddenly last week, it stopped.

The SSL connection error only appears when I try to use this website. It affects my computer and mobile. Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. I have the same problem as Dale, has. I was able to get access my bank website, and my online login until about a month ago.

Now, I am not able to get to the login page, on my android tablet. I have tried, various methods that I have been told to do. What is up with this problem? Can you share the website for your bank? It says SSL error. I tried to work out with date and time but no results.

Can you please help me? Hello, I am getting same error on my site but only on android phones. I check it on 2 mobiles. Please tell me how can I fix it.It looks something like this:. Most of the times it disappears itself when you refresh the page. However, sometimes it appears again and again. Before you begin the diagnosis of an SSL error on your Android device the first thing that you should do is pinpointing the problem. However, if you are facing SSL connection error when browse SSL secure websites on your android devices then you should proceed with below given methods.

This is the most common reason behind SSL certificate errors. Sometimes an SSL error may also come because of any issues with your internet connection. Follow the steps given below:. Cache and cookies may sometimes lead to that irritating SSL error which you face, so find out the options to delete them from your browser and do it. Sometimes anti-virus apps also play evil as they block certain websites.

In that case disabling your antivirus temporarily can solve the problem. If everything given above fails to solve your problem then most probably your device is in some serious trouble. Hopefully above given solutions will help you solve the issue of persisting SSL error on your Android device.

Submit your Question Close. SSL Brands. We promise 30 days replacement and refund policy. Single Domain SSL. It looks something like this: Most of the times it disappears itself when you refresh the page.

Pinpointing the Problem Before you begin the diagnosis of an SSL error on your Android device the first thing that you should do is pinpointing the problem. Follow the steps given below: Try connecting to SSL secured sites using some other internet connection i.

9 Solutions to fix SSL Connection Errors on Android Phone

To figure out whether the culprit is your internet connection or internet settings of your Android device test the connection with some other devices as well.

Otherwise if it appears on other devices as well then something is messed up with internet connection itself. Now try opening secured websites that were not opening before.The world of technology has been growing rapidly and its impact can see through the growing figure of desktop and mobile devices usage.

how do i fix ssl connection error on android

In era of digital technology, users want to secure their website information and user data on desktop along with mobile devices too. SSL certificate is an essential aspect of website development and its compulsory asset of online business which helps to secure website and user data on the Internet. Our experts have evaluated various styles of SSL certificate errors that need to be resolve when it comes to SSL certificate security Android-based mobile devices.

If you have a chain certificate then you must have the right order of certificate such as intermediate certificate and then primary certificate.

Fix SSL Connection Error on Windows 10

The solution for the above error is just re-order your certificates in the right order on the server because Android OS is more stringent about the order of certificate.

In above error of SSL certificate, you must have the right order of certificates installed on the server such as you must have chain, server, root and intermediate certificate to get verified on the Android devices.

Switch to another Wi-Fi or mobile data network. Factory Reset. If you choose this option, be sure to have a proper back up of all your essential data. Get It Now. The following error of SSL certificate on mobile devices is just because of a chain certificate. Some of the common reason you face this error are:.

Solution 3: Visit website in Incognito Private Mode:. Solution 4: Antivirus or Security Application:. Solution 5: Network problem:.

Solution 6: Update Browser:. It could be a culprit. Solution 7: Factory Reset your Android Device:. Finally, click on Factory Data Reset. Related Posts:. Disclosure: AboutSSL appreciates your continuous support.

It helps us tremendously to keep moving in the competitive SSL industry. Learn More. SSL Checker.No matter what device or what Android version one uses, these errors are seen by everyone. Before we get to the steps, you must understand a few things. This is because SSL certificates protect against the dangers such as eavesdropping and data alteration through encryption and identity verification. SSL certificate secure communication between your browser and the web server of a website.

how do i fix ssl connection error on android

That is why you should always insist on browsing on encrypted sites. SSL connection errors are something that cannot be diagnosed easily. Nobody uses the wrong date and time on their Internet-connected smartphones and tablets, right? But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.

Your browsing history and cache might actually be hurting you in the form of an SSL connection error. So, open up your browser and clear all the data.

How To Fix SSL Connection Error On Android?

See how it goes. And by the way, we love the Lion King. Switch your Wi-fi network to any other Wi-fi network or use mobile data.

Try the next one. If none of these steps work, take out the Factory Reset sledgehammer and bang it! Before you do that, make sure you have backed up all of your data. Click on Factory Data Reset.

We hope that this blog helped you solve the Your Connection is Not Private error on your Android device. Factory Reset If none of these steps work, take out the Factory Reset sledgehammer and bang it! Why do you need it? Why is SSL Important?Without a proper solution, any problem can become a great headache for a user.

SSL connection error on Android is such a problem that is faced by many Android users. SSL Secure Socket Layer is responsible for creating a secure encrypted connection between the web server and your browser. Without SSL encryption, the data you enter on a website can be accessed by any third party. So it's a very important factor for your online protection.

When you are dealing with an Android phone, you may be facing some of its most irritating problems. These problems include the device is not booting up, or your device stuck in download mode and on top of that when you've got an SSL connection error.

Any kind of system related issue on Android can be fixed by a professional program -- iMyFone Fixppo for Android. With the highest success rate of fixing the device, It's easy to use software with most advanced options makes it can solve any system related problem of your Android device.

Step 2: Next, a detailed device information is needed to download a suitsble Android device firmware package. Note : Make sure that all the information is correctly selected here and click on the "Download Firmware" button after you are sure. This part is sensitive because the wrong information can worsen the situation.

Step 3: Then, connect your device and put it into reocvery mode. You can refer to the Guide to put your device into recovery mode. Step 4: Finally, when your Android device enters into "Download Mode", Fixppo will automatically start repairing your device. Your Android device will restart automatically in the end. When you are done with the above-stated step, try to open a different page.

You can also try different connections, including 3G. If the internet is working fine with other connections, then there is a problem in your Wi-Fi connection or Wi-Fi settings.

If it is now working with 3G, then it is hard to identify the problem. Resetting all the setting is the last option for you at this point, the following are the steps you should follow while resetting Network Data:. You might be on open Wi-Fi, which is famously unbound. If you are going to some other city or country, the hour can change automatically.

You need to adjust the time according to the current location only. Also, date and time settings can be altered by bugs. To do the same follow the below stated steps:. Sometimes the SSL connection error comes in a normal window. Antivirus and many security-related apps can restrict and can be the cause of some SSL connection failure. You can disable such apps and begin your searching once again. If you are not able to solve the issue with anti-virus disabling, better contact your Anti-Virus provider.

If all the above solutions are not working for you, then you need to clear your browsing data and cache. This is one of the natural and quickest ways to solve the issue. Google services are something that can save all the activity threads of Google services, including google chrome.The problem with the connection may pop up out of nowhere when you do not expect. Nowadays most of our life depends on the Internet. TSL connection intercepted or blocked for a few technical issue which mostly is a very simple to sort out.

First of all — always keep your Android updated — many users are not aware of how first and effective updating is on Android. It brings plenty of benefits such as fixes most system bug issues. Better performance and its sources, security, improves battery life, more modern design material which provides further unification of the platform, more compatible with specific apps which require new Android versions, Luckily, the power of information guides us through.

Try with a different connection including 3g. If it does not work with 3g either. It is crucial that you check if it is happening with every page that you are trying to access. Also, try to test your Internet in another device or PC and try to open the same page. If all these tests mentioned previously, you could erase all wifi Internet setting on Android and reset.

Importantly, if SSL issues started to happen just after you updated your smartphone. Resetting Network data is also recommended in this case to Settings. If you go to another city or country, the hour can change automatically. Make sure that the time is right according to your current location. Plus, bugs can alter date and time setting. If it is incorrect. Updating the apps play a significant role in improving your overall browsing activity and also let you experience the error-free usage.

To do that. Another handy tool to fix SLL bugs is erasing historic Beta of your browser: if you tried all the available browsers and yet the bug remains, try to fix SSL issue by erasing all the content of browsers in historic option. To do that in web browsers.

You can also this guide to clear your apps cache, which may give you the positive results. If you are using the public Wi-Fi connection, probably might be causing SSL problem due to insecurity risks it can block pages on the Internet. Unfortunately, even your antivirus or security apps can block and cause some SSL connections failure. Try temporarily disabling it and then start browsing again.

Check with your Anti-Virus provider if you need assistance to disable it. By restoring your phoneit will Erase all your Android contents photos, data, notes, etc. It recommended to backup your file before going for this option.

To be more specific, your phone system will be like brand new, as you just bought it. You will have to configure it again. Restore might fix most of the bugs of any kind. The following information also shows the option to backup your device above the factory mode option. Additionally, it highly important that you accept TSL certificate for authentication information of the visited website and to encrypt all connection and communication between your browser and the web server.

Thus, avoiding third party intercepting or manipulating when you browse on the Internet. We have covered every possible way to fix the SSL connection error on Android phone. Moreover, the last one would fix any kind of bug including SSL.

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